9. The Special Protection Group

Average Monthly Salary ₹ 1,04,367

8. Garud Commando Force

Indian Air Force Commando Salary in India is ₹ 8.2 lakh per annum for personnel with 5 to 20 years of experience.

7. National Security Guard

07-Jul-2022 – Average National Security Guard Commando Salary in India is ₹ 6.7 lakh per annum for personnel with 7 to 19 years of experience.

6. Special Frontier Force

16-Jul-2022 - Average annual salary in Special Frontier Force is INR 4.8 - 6.1 Lakhs. The pay scale is based on the salary of Special Frontier Force...

5. Force One

12-Sep-2022 – 50,000/- for initial year training and Rs. 1 lakh will be paid in the final year of training When the gentleman cadet at IMA...


30-Jul-2022 – Average annual salary in Cobra Commando is INR 6.9 Lakhs. Salary is calculated on the basis of 4 Cobra Commando Salaries received from various

3. Ghatak Force

1 day ago - The average annual compensation for an NSG commando is INR 10 lakhs while the monthly salary for an Indian NSG commando is INR 80,000-3,00,000. ...

2. Para Commandos

04-Sep-2022 – Para Special Force Commandos are getting around 74,000/- per month in the average pay scale 1,64,000/- per month etc.


4-Sep-2022 - Basic Salary: 25000/month; Ship Diving Allowance: Between 8,500 and 10,000; Marks Allowance: Rs.25,000 (20% of Basic Pay (Hard Area Posting))