Daily Horoscope 9th July 2022

Solar Gemini Moon Ashadha Shukla Paksha. In English, Saturday, 9th day of the month, May 10, day of the 10th day of the month, night of the night of the 10th day of the month of the month of the month.

Taurus, Leo and Virgo Pushkar Dosha - Pushkar Dosh of the deceased person, 1 foot - Agriculture - giving land on 11/23, 2 feet - Agriculture and Heredity - Land and Tilakanan donation

Good time

Days 10-13 to 12/18 Diva 03/08 to 03/7 Night 9/7 to 06/52. until From 11:30 am to 1:40 pm. Night 03/08 to 03/58

Bad times

Hours - Date 06/34 to 10/13 Hours: 05/18 to 06/52 in the morning and from 06/7 to 06/06 at night. Frequency - Days 01-30 to 03/06 Hours - 06/25 to 06/7 hrs and 03/56 to 05/18

Learn How to Cut Today


Vehicle benefits will please your friend with entertainment and good deed


Acne - Anxiety disorder can be a major cause for concern Rohini - Feeling we are emotionally 'out of gas'


Deer - Children can progress in reading Adra - Workplace and agriculture will improve


Recurring - may cause vehicle and temporary problems Psychiatry - Indirect conspiracies can lead to disappointment


Visakha - Relatives will be against you Anuradha - Physical disease taxpayers will have stress problem