OSSSC PEO Exam Cut-Off Marks Don’t Miss! 2023

The Blog contains information About OSSSC PEO Exam Cut-off, including the written exam and practical test cut-off. One crucial aspect of any competitive exam is the determination of cut-off marks, which play a significant role in the selection process.

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This article will delve into the OSSSC PEO exam cut-off marks and shed light on the factors influencing them.

What is Cut-Off Mark

  • Cut-off marks refer to the minimum score candidates must achieve to qualify for the next stage of the selection process.
  • These marks are determined based on various factors, such as the number of vacancies, the difficulty level of the exam, the performance of candidates, and reservation policies.

Total Vacancies:

The number of available positions significantly impacts the cut-off marks. If there are fewer vacancies, the competition intensifies, and the cut-off marks tend to be higher.

Difficulty Level of the Exam:

The complexity of the exam plays a crucial role in determining the cut-off marks. If the paper is challenging, the cut-off marks may be comparatively lower to ensure a sufficient number of candidates qualify for the next stage.

Performance of Candidates:

The overall performance of the candidates in the exam also influences the cut-off marks. If a large number of candidates perform exceptionally well, it might lead to higher cut-off marks.

Determining OSSSC PEO Exam Cut-Off Marks:

In the recent OSSSC PEO exam, determining the cut-off marks has become a topic of interest among candidates. To gain some insights, a poll was conducted, where a significant percentage of students (57%) secured 120+ marks.

OSSSC PEO Exam Cut-Off

The poll revealed that a considerable number of students, comprising 57% of the participants, obtained scores of 120 or more in the OSSSC PEO exam. This indicates a relatively high-performance level among the respondents.

Analysis: If 57% of the respondents secured 120+ marks in the poll, we can assume that a similar percentage of the one lakh students would also achieve similar or higher scores. Therefore, approximately 57,000 students would secure 120+ marks in the OSSSC PEO exam.

Considering the remaining 43% of the respondents who did not score 120+ marks, it is expected that their scores would be distributed below the potential cut-off range. Without specific data on their exact scores, it is challenging to precisely estimate the distribution.

What is The Estimate Cut-off

We understand that there is curiosity and anticipation regarding the OSSSC PEO Exam cut-off marks. We would like to clarify that the information provided here is an estimation based on certain factors, and it is not the official cut-off announced by the Odisha Subordinate Staff Selection Commission (OSSSC).

The official cut-off marks for the OSSSC PEO Exam will be determined and announced by the OSSSC after the evaluation process and the declaration of the exam results. We advise you to wait for the official announcement to know the actual cut-off marks.

General Student130-160
OBC Student 120-140
SC Candidate 100-130
ST Candidate 100-120

For the latest updates and notifications, please visit the official OSSSC website or refer to their official announcements.

When are the OSSSC PEO Exam Cut-Off Marks announced?

OSSSC PEO Exam Cut-Off Marks are usually announced along with the exam results

How are the cut-off marks calculated for the OSSSC PEO Exam?

The OSSSC calculates the cut-off marks based on various factors, including the number of vacancies, the difficulty level of the exam, candidate performance, and reservation policies.

How can I check the official cut-off marks for the OSSSC PEO Exam?

The official cut-off marks for the OSSSC PEO Exam will be published on the official OSSSC website or announced through official notifications and updates.

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